Soldering Station and Accessories

Soldering Station and Accessories


Knokoo 936                         knokoo 936D                     Knokoo FX 951

Lead free compatible Soldering Station Model Knokoo 936 and 936 D are available for soldering PWB and terminal. 70 watt soldering iron with 80watt station is fast enough for Soldering jobs.

variety of Soldering tips give a choice for variety of Soldering .

All spares and consumables are available for after sale support and breakdown.

Knokoo 936D Digital Soldering Station

Knokoo 951 is lead free Tip Integrated T12(series Tip) compatible soldering station with fast thermal recovery and quick heating.

Helping the proper functionality please make sure to calibrate/Check the tip temperature for assurance of quality and perfect soldering jobs.

Low and high temperature may result in overheating of component/Dry soldering / poor soldering Joints.

Proper Cleaning is required for soldering tips to avoid oxidation of tip .

Use of cleaning sponge and tip cleaner mesh provide the tip safety and proper cleaning.

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